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Welcome to ARCHLOGBOOK, the best open source wiki for archi practice!


ARCHLOGBOOK is an online wiki suited for young and future architects as well as built environment professionals to be aware of the gap between academia and practice and to take steps towards becoming competent and confident in their work.

Disclaimer: All information shared is based on personal experiences and universal concepts which may not be applicable to your country. Do consult your senior architects when in doubt.

Read the full disclaimer below.

Here’s some advice on how to use this wiki:

1) Read in totality

My advice is to read all of the pages to get a better understanding and to establish what you need to work on. Do not miss any pages as there could be valuable information that you might need to have a easier transition.

If you are a fresh architectural graduate, you should read in order.

If you are experienced, you can zoom in on a certain topic in any order.

2) Read it with an open mind

This wiki represents my learnings and thoughts that may not apply to your situation. So read this with an open mind.

Try to adapt the methods towards your skillset and context.

Some firms operate on a different business model and/or structure so feel free to take the lessons that are useful and ignore those that don’t apply.

3) Do not read all at one go

This may contradict the earlier point on reading this book in totality. However, it is unwise to read this book all at one go - simply because more often than not, you will not need be able to retain all of the concepts.

Instead, read this book over a few weeks and before starting work in an architectural practice to accelerate your transition into your role as an architectural designer.

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  • Chapter 3 - Project Management and Contract Administration

  • Chapter 4 - Building Components (Materials & Specifications)

  • Chapter 5 - Building Typologies

  • Chapter 6 - Building Code Compliance

  • Chapter 7 - Building Services

  • Architecture Communities & Resources (Singapore)

  • Building Material Suppliers (Singapore and around the world)

ARCHLOGBOOK will remain open source as far as possible and evolve into a valuable resource for young and future architects.

If you would like to contribute to the expanding ARCHLOGBOOK wiki, do contact Gabriel at

Archi Resources

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Contract Types (Singapore)

Singapore Building Codes & Guides


All of the information I share here is meant for educational purpose only.

This is based on my own experience working in Singapore and on projects that I was involved in.

Do not base the information here as gospel truth.

Do consult your senior on statutory requirements in your country and also best practices.

Content posted here are open-source and AI-generated.

Some of the content was written with ChatGPT. I have read through and made sure of accuracy as far as possible. That being said, there may be some factual errors. If there are, do contact me at the link below.

All content in the wiki shall not be copyrighted as it is open source. All credits have been given. If I have missed out a credit to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


ARCHLOGBOOK was started by Gabriel Chek, an architect based in Singapore who is working towards increasing clarity and confidence in young and future Architects.

Check out his platform (ebooks, mentoring, podcast and Youtube videos) at

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